Wednesday, March 11, 2009

New rings and other items

Here are some of my newest products!

Rings! These are very cute!!

This first one is "chawanmushi" or savory egg custard. I love this stuff! You can see a little shrimp, some veggies and the yellow bit is a "ginnan" or ginko nut.There is also a pair of chopsticks and they are both on a red plate.

The next ring is really has snow rabbits! There are 2 little snow rabbits that would normally be made out of rice and the pink lacy things behind the rabbits would normally be made out of "renkon" or lotus root. This type of food is served for New Year's day. The rabbits are on 2 hand painted pieces of wood. On the square piece there are flowers made from chiyogami paper.

Here are some gorgeous thank you cards that I made. These are gorgeous cards (they don't open-they are more like a mini postcard). They are printed on a very unique and special "paper" made from washi and polyester film so they are unlike any paper you have probably felt. They are slightly translucent.There is also gold and silver leaf in the cards which add a very elegant touch. The background is and white sakura.

These are stunning. Both the cards and envelopes have been embossed with gorgeous ume (plum blossom) and branches. The plum blossoms sparkles which adds elegance to an already beautiful set.

This is very unique and eye catching! This is part of a new series of rings I am making using chiyogami paper. I used Japanese chiyogami paper and a chiyogami cherry blossom to make this ring. I also applied a special varnish for Japanese paper to protect the paper and give a beautiful sheen.

Please click on the picture to be taken to the listing.

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