Friday, November 7, 2014

30% ~ 50% off all bento and kitchen goods!

6 years ago, we started our own site, FromJapanWithLove, and started selling bento boxes and accessories along with lots of other items. Recently, we have decided to focus our business on Japanese vintage items and Japanese traditional style supplies so, we have decided to stop selling bento boxes and accessories. We also decided to put all kitchen/bento goods on sale on both our own site as well as in our eBay store. Discounts range from 30 ~ 50% off. Once they are gone they are gone so stock up and save money!

Examples from our eBay store:

find them here  
30% off! Only $4.73!
40% off! Only $13.20!
Child's divided plate-40% off! Only $13.20!

We also want to say thank you to all the wonderful people who have bought bento goods from us over the years!

Vintage Japanese Typewriter Key early morning by VintageFromJapan

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Kyonishiki folding fan woven of gold, silver thread and silk in Nishijin, Kyoto, Japan small Japanese folding screen for home decor

Kyotonishiki folding screen is a amazing work from the famous looms at Nishijin, Kyoto, Japan. It is woven of gold and silver thread as well as silk. It is an elegant image of living in Heian period (794–1185) on 2 panel of the screen. It is called "Byobu" in Japan.

There are 8 people in Japanese traditional clothes / dresses seeing autumn leaves and trees from Japanese garden and house in fall season. 

about 28.2 x 21.9 x 0.5 cm

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Vintage Japanese Wood Rubber Stamp Five 5 (E)

This vintage Japanese wood stamp is from the "昭和" "showa period" . The "showa" period is from 1926-1989 .

This is the number 5.

It measures 1.6 x 1.5 x 2.7cm.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Animal Bento Box 1 Tier Clapping March Picnic Pink

Animal Bento Box 1 Tier Clapping March Picnic Pink

  • This is a very cute bento box lunch box! It says "clapping march picnic" and "Have you prepared to go on a picnic? It's fine. Let's go out". This is good for taking lunch to school, work or anywhere.
  • $6.00 $3.90

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Vintage Japanese Typewriter Key charge blame by VintageFromJapan

Vintage Japanese Typewriter Key charge blame by VintageFromJapan

We were lucky to come across a case of these "katsuji" (Japanese typewriter "keys"). There are over 2300 of these. They are vintage but have never been used. These would have been the extras in case the ones in the machine broke. Please look at the last picture to see what an old Japanese typewriter looked like. There were at least 2000 keys so needless to say, this was only used in businesses.

They are from the "昭和" "showa period" . The "showa" period is from 1926-1989 but these are at least 30 years old as Japanese stopped using them once the word processor was invented.

This would be perfect for using as a stamp with ink or for stamping clay etc.

This stamp is the Kanji (Chinese character) for "semeru" = "1.charge, blame 2.disgrace 3. demote 4. punish".

It measures 2.3 cm long (long enough to be able to get a nice grip) and 5mm wide. The Chinese character itself is about 5mm please note how tiny it is. It is made of metal.

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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Kobayashi Kokei Gokuraiku no ido Vintage Japanese Print

I was so happy to find this print! In this print there is an amazing image of girls drawing water from a well. This is an insert from a magazine. This is called Gokuraiku no ido by Kokei Kobayashi. The original painting was exhibited at The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo. 

Kobayashi Kokei, original name Kobayashi Shigeru (born Feb. 11, 1883, Niigata prefecture, Japan—died April 3, 1957, Tokyo), artist who greatly contributed to modern Japanese painting.

It is vintage so there are some imperfections. These photos show cuts, folds and discolorations. It is old. 

On the back there is a story about Kobayashi Kokei and This Painting "Gokuraku no ido" (well in heaven). 

*It is magazine insert and folded in 3 because it is long. 

This would be beautiful framed and displayed but it could also be used in mixed media art.

It measures about 42 cm x 22 cm.

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

2 Snack Size Bento Boxes 1 Tier Stripes Polka Dots Blue Pink White

Taiyaki Japanese fish shaped cake

 This is Taiyaki. Taiyaki is a pancake-like cake filled traditionally filled with red bean paste (as pictured) but can now be found with savory fillings such as eggs and ham or even hamburgers! 

This is a very cute mold for making a fish shaped cake called Taiyaki!
This is small so it is perfect for one person! 
Please note the temperatures. They can go from -20 ~ 140 degrees celsius. It states that only a microwave is fine. Please don't use it in oven. 

Friday, September 19, 2014

Japanese Christmas Card

Kashigata Sugar Cake Mold Vintage Japanese Wood Sweets Mold

This is a vintage sugar cake mold called "kashigata". This is a beautiful Japanese vintage wood sweets mold. It is lotus flower. Kashigata was used in the making of wagashi (nama-gashi or freshly made cake and hi-gashi or dried confectionery) for tea ceremonies.

Often made of sakura (cherry wood) and seasoned for about 3 years before carving, kashigata were used to make dried confectionery made of rice flour and sugar called rakugan. Earliest records show that this practice dates back to the mid-17th century. These confections were used as offerings and snacks for celebratory occasions and even unfortunate events. For example when a person died, it was expensive to give flowers or fresh food so, people made these sweets in the form of flowers, fish etc. These items were then placed on the "butsudan" (family shrine found in the house) for the dead person.

Common kashigata motifs in the Edo era - chrysanthemums, plum blossoms
Meiji Era - spread of western technology - balloons, planes
World War II - national pride heightened - cherry blossoms, battleships - used as gifts for departing troops, ceremonies and commemorative occasions

With the advent of refrigeration, fresh fish replaced rakugan motifs like the sea bream. Sadly today, making offerings for fortunate and unfortunate events is no longer a common practice. This in turn has lessened rakugan demand although they are still found in tea ceremonies and homes. The decrease in kashigata artisans today has made kashigata carving a dying craft making kashigata itself a sought-after collectible.

*You can use this mold as food mold to cook. Please clean thoroughly before using.

It measures 15.1 cm long x 9.1 cm wide x 5.1 cm tall. Inside it measures about 9.8 cm wide x 7.6 cm long.

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Japanese Doll Head Hina Matsuri Woman Hina by FromJapanWithLove

Vintage Japanese Typewriter Key Japanese by VintageFromJapan

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Monday, August 18, 2014

About Our New And Improved Store!

I spent the last month busting my tush trying to build and stock our new and improved store . We opened this store about 6 years ago and for the first 4 years or so we were pretty happy with it. But then I was getting frustrated because there were features I really wanted but the company we were with didn't have them.

I kept looking for a new host for our site. I would even go on to the Etsy forums as I know people would ask other Etsy sellers for their advice about websites. Still nothing...until about a month ago.

Finally I found what I was looking for! We went with . They offered a 1 month free trial (no credit card needed) so I signed up. I loved it so  much that after only 2 days I joined. I spent a lot of timing building it, getting used to it and stocking it. We took  a lot of new pictures of our products and then we opened!

So...what do I love about it?

1. We can have more than 1 picture!! This is so more cramming 2-4 pictures into one!

2. If a product is sold out...a little sign will tell you! No more adding an item to the cart only to find out it is sold out!

3. When you click on an item to read more about it...the number available is shown. No more adding it to the cart to figure out how many are in stock.

4. When trying to figure out the shipping costs you used to have to fill in your entire address. Now, just choose your country and it will show you the shipping cost.

5. On the front page you can clearly see what is in your cart and what the sub total is.

Those are just some of the features we love!  There are so many more!

Anyway, we are thrilled and are planning to really build this store up big. We will be adding not just more bento goods but Japanese vintage, supplies like traditional stickers and rubber stamps and much much more! So stay tuned.

The one downside to changing hosts is that for those of you who made an account on our old store, that account won't work now so you will have to make another one. Sorry! We know it is inconvenient so to not only say sorry for that but to also celebrate our new and improved store we are offering 10% off to anyone who shops with us from today until September 18th, 2014. Just add the discount code fromjapanwithlove10 into the discount code area and you will get 10% off your items! No minimum amount required!


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