Monday, February 9, 2015

Japanese Traditional Design Hand painted Red Gold Silver Black

This is a "mai ogi" or dance fan. This hand fan is simple yet elegant! The color is red, gold, silver and black. It is an amazing image of Japanese traditional design - arrow through the silver or gold target. A ceremony to remove an arrow from kinteki (gold target) or ginteki (silver target) in the matoya ceremony during Shinto rituals. It is hand-painted.

大和世 (世大和) Yamatu Yuu - The Japanese era. The Ryukyuan or Okinawan era under Japanese rule.

It is about 28.9 cm long and when opened about 49 cm wide.

It is vintage and has imperfections. There are light black, gold and silver stains on each side because it is hand painted. There is a name written on the edge. The 4th and last photos show it. 

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