Saturday, August 22, 2009

Vintage Japanese Kawaii Cute Bag Zippered Mini Pouch Bag and Case by vintagefromjapan on Etsy


This is a very cute tiny zippered coin pouch and pen case.

This was handmade in the 1980's. Though this is 20+ years old, it is in perfect brand new condition as it was never used. The lady who made them loved to sew and she had so many she never used most of them.

The outside is made up of many different fabric patterns made mostly of cotton and chirimen (many kimonos are made from chirimen). The inside is lined with more chirimen.

This measures 9 cm at the widest point and 6 cm long.

This is a wonderful example of Japanese handmade bags and is perfect for carrying small things like coins or lipstick etc

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