Monday, September 28, 2009

Japanese Craft Book Making Cute Miniature Sweets by DecoSweets

This is a fabulous book for making miniature food using Transparent Resin Clay called "sukerukun" which means clear. Not only does the book teach you how to make the sweets but also how to turn them into accessories such as key chains, earrings, cell phone charms etc. Some of the things you will learn how to make are:

Sweets 1) Sweets Charm 2) Jam Bottle Charm

Beads 1) Clear Blue Accessory 2) Summery Beads Shade 3) hibiscus Garland Light

Strap 1) beach sandals and sunglasses strap 2) hula doll strap

flower 1) floral mirror and lamp 2) Rose corsage 3) camellia accessories etc...

There are 48 pages. It is written in Japanese but with lots of drawings and pictures showing the steps.

*Transparent Resin Clay "sukerukun" is available on this etsy shop

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