Saturday, April 3, 2010

Bento Box And Kitchen Items on Yahoo Store in Japan

Mameshiba Chopsticks Spoon And Fork YELLOW $15

Cute 2 Small Bento Box Clapping March Cat And Bear BLUE and ORANGE $7.5

Kawaii Cute Japanese Bento Box Clapping March 2layer Slim GREEN $12


Every item on our site is hand selected, packaged and shipped from the Japanese countryside like you shopped there yourself. Chosen for an international audience you will find an eclectic collection of items far beyond the typical Hello Kitty gadgets people associate with Japanese retail products.

The diverse range of items will change with the seasons and availability so check back often for cute items from our children collection (bento boxes, bento accessories, onigiri mold, sushi mold, thermos, washcloths, pencil cases, hannari tofu etc.) and traditional Japanese kitchen tools to postcards and things that truly can't be found outside of Japan.

We are shipping internationally from Japan to your home!!

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