Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Vintage Japanese Lacquer Ware Sake Cup Stand For Toso

This is a gorgeous hand painted sake cup stand for otoso - spiced medicinal sake traditionally drunk during New Year celebrations in Japan. This stand is about 50 years old. And You keep three sized sake cups called sakazuki on this stand before passing round with each family member or guest taking a sip

There are "ume" (plum blossoms) and "take" (bamboo) painted in gold and black.

Toso is drunk to flush away the previous year's maladies and to aspire to lead a long life.

Toso is written using two Japanese characters: 蘇 representing evil spirits and 屠 meaning to defeat.

It is in excellent condition.

It measures about 12cm wide x 12cm depth x 12cm height

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