Saturday, December 25, 2010

Onigiri Rice Ball Mold For Making It Easy - Just Stuff Rice And Done

This is a Easy Maker For Onigiri Rice Ball.

At first, cut out wrap into about 30 cm. Secondly, Stuff rice into the mold about a portion of rice bowl. Finally, Make up shape.

You must wash the mold with dishwashing liquid with soft sponge and wipe off before you use it at first time.

Don't keep the mold in high degree place or near the fire. It will melt.

Don't wash the mold with scrub brush or polishing powder. It will be damaged. Please use soft sponge and neutral dishwashing liquid.

Material : polypropylene

Heat Resistant : 248F or 120C

Cold Resistant : -4F or -20C

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