Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Whipped Cream Silicone Clay - Double Pack Large Size - White

whipped cream

whipped cream

This is silicone clay. This is in a "bag" somewhat similar to a cake decorator's icing bag.

This pack includes: 2 bags of 200 grams silicone whip clay
6 decorative tips

This is the same that I use to make my rings in my shop souzoucreations.etsy.com for example http://www.etsy.com/listing/64435550/celebration-ring

Please note....if you want to decorate something made from ABS polycarbonate you must make the whipped cream decorations on wax paper and let dry first...then glue them on otherwise it won't stick. I offer cake blocks, rolled cake blocks (that you can cut to any size)...these can be directly decorated with the whipped cream clay.

1)Use in a well ventillated area.
2)Poke a hole in the mouth of the tube.
3)Connect the decorating tip.
4)Hold the same way as if you were decorating a cake.
5)If you wish to decorate the item, go ahead and decorate it. Or you can use wax paper and make the decorations first and then glue them on after. Please use wax paper so your decorations don't stick while drying.
6)Point the tube right down and squeeze out the desired amount.

Depending on the size of your whipped cream decoration, it will take at least a day to dry. Before 24 hours, the outside may appear to be dry but inside it is wet so please don't move it. Please dry in a well ventillated area.

If you get some in your eyes when the clay is wet, please rinse well. Please don't eat as it is not food and for kids under 12...parents should help.

200 grams x2


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