Friday, April 15, 2011

No Worry About Radiation!! Please shop items at our shops!!

Don't worry about radiations!! Please reconsider about purchasing items at our shops!!


Reason 1 - Japan won't send anything with radiation. so restrict about it ever more than you can imagine!!


Reason 2 - We live in Southern Japan (Kyushu island) near Korea and Taiwan.


Reason 3 - Our items are in the house, not outside (we bought or made them before even tsunami / earthquake happened)


So, our items are safe to buy. We keep listing cute & unique items in Japan.


► Our Etsy Shops ◄


For handmade rings


For Japanese vintage goods


For Japanese stickers, fabric, and more


For wholesale prices on cabochons, clay canes and more


► Our Yahoo! Store ◄ as seen on about "15 Bento Lunch Box Containers and Accessories"


*Back to School Sale!! - 50% Off Sale of memo pad, letter set, craft book, paper clay kit, clay mold, fabric, button, gift bags, pouch, pencils!! Please go to "50% Off Sale" page!!


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