Friday, February 26, 2010

Love in Her Eyes — Adventures in Bentomaking: Bento Lunches by Pikko

Loving Bear

To make the eyes, I started off by folding a piece of nori twice so that I had 2 creases, then I cut out a tiny half heart to make the center. After that, I cut a big circle around it, then unfolded it so that I had the two circles with the hearts in the middle. I cut a smaller circle out of that then placed the eyes on white cheese and cut around them with a toothpick.

The punch I used for the mouth, nose, and lashes can be found on From Japan with Love or if you live on Oahu, these are available at Marukai. The mouth is actually two of the little lashes laid on top of each other to make the curve longer. I hand cut the ears.

The main dish is more steak from yesterday and on the side I have tomatoes, orange slices, asparagus, edamame, and heart tamagoyaki. To do the tamagoyaki I made a small roll with one egg, pressed it into a round rectangle shape, then cut it into fourths. Then I sliced off one corner and put them together to make the heart.

While the hearts in the eyes is something that I saw somewhere, the idea is actually inspired by something Baby Girl did last night.

So cute!! I want to make it for my lunch!!

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