Friday, July 30, 2010

Beautiful Japanese Rubber Stamps in Furoshiki Gion Entertainment District


This is really beautiful stamps in furoshiki cloth. These are called "gion" which means Entertainment District (geisha - maiko). There are Japanese women traditional items like "kanzashi" - long ornamental hairpin, comb, cherry blossoms, butterfly brooch and etc. It is made by wood.

Stamps - 1.5×1.5×H 4.7cm or 0.59 inch x 0.59 inch x H 1.85 inch

Box - 7.9×4.9×H 5.5cm or 3.11 inch x 1.93 inch x H 2.17 inch

This is perfect for letters, scrapbooking, making cards or any project you can think of!

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