Sunday, May 15, 2011

Beautiful Japanese Rubber Stamps in Furoshiki Gion Entertainment District

This is really beautiful stamps in furoshiki cloth. These are called "gion" which means Entertainment District (geisha - maiko). There are Japanese women traditional items like "kanzashi" - long ornamental hairpin, comb, cherry blossoms, butterfly brooch and etc. It is made by wood.

Stamps - 1.5×1.5×H 4.7cm or 0.59 inch x 0.59 inch x H 1.85 inch

Box - 7.9×4.9×H 5.5cm or 3.11 inch x 1.93 inch x H 2.17 inch

This is perfect for letters, scrapbooking, making cards or any project you can think of!

For handmade rings

For Japanese vintage goods

For Japanese stickers, fabric, and more

For wholesale prices on cabochons, clay canes and more

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