Monday, May 16, 2011

豆しば Mameshiba Light Green Thunder Oni Plush On A Chain

Cute Japanese Plush On A Chain Mameshiba Light Green Thunder Oni

Item# cute-japanese-plush-on-a-chain-mameshiba-light-green-thunder-oni

This is a very cute plush on a chain! It is part of a series called "Mameshiba". This one is called "mameshiba" (Bean Dog). This series is called mameshiba becoming oni (thunder monstar on fairy tales..popular in Japan)...very rare goods that you can't find in shopping mall. You can hung it anywhere by a chain.

L8cm x W7cm x H8cm or 3.15inch x W 2.76inch x H3.15inch.

What's Mameshiba? You can check out my blog about Mameshiba = Cute Shiba Dog in Bean


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