Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Vintage Japanese Typewriter Key Stamp Good by vintagefromjapan


We were lucky to come across a case of these "katsuji" (Japanese typewriter "keys"). There are over 2300 of these. They are vintage but have never been used. These would have been the extras in case the ones in the machine broke. Please look at the last picture to see what an old Japanese typewriter looked like. There were at least 2000 keys so needless to say, this was only used in businesses.

They are from the "昭和" "showa period" . The "showa" period is from 1926-1989 but these are at least 30 years old as Japanese stopped using them once the word processor was invented.

This would be perfect for using as a stamp with ink or for stamping clay etc.

This stamp is the Katakana (One of Japanese writing character) for "幸" "kou, shiawase" = "good luck, happiness ".

It measures 2cm long (long enough to be able to get a nice grip) and 1.5cm wide. The Chinese character itself is about 1.5mm wide. It is made of metal.


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