Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Plum Blossoms Button Japanese Chiyogami Paper by FromJapanWithLove


These are gorgeous! There are 5 buttons each with gold plum blossoms on a black background. Each one is handmade by me using fabulous chiyogami paper and aluminum buttons. I applied multiple coatings of lacquer. Even though these are sealed, they are made from paper and therefore should only be used on items that don't need to be washed. They would be perfect for decorating bags, collages etc. You could also use them to make hair accessories, magnets etc.

They measures about 2.5cm wide. You will receive the set in the pictures.

Chiyogami has a long past but today the decorative patterns are silkscreened onto machinemade sheets of paper that is a mix of kozo ( a deciduous tree indigenous to Shikoku and Kyushu Islands in Japan) and sulphite (sulphite is used to keep the price reasonable). To create 1 piece of gorgeous chiyogami, a sheet of paper is silkscreened by hand with each individual color. Between applications of color, the sheets are dried on racks. You can imagine how time consuming and difficult it must be to line up each color in relation to the pattern!

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