Friday, May 23, 2014

Samurai Print

We were lucky enough to come across a collection of papers, prints, magazine cut outs, newspaper clippings and more. This was someone's life long hobby and wow.....there are some very cool items!

It is a print. It is called "Shigemori in the Heiji War " by Eikyu Matsuoka. 

Taira no Shigemori (1138 – September 2, 1179) was the eldest son of the Taira clan patriarch, Taira no Kiyomori. He took part in the Hōgen and Heiji rebellions. He died of illness in 1179

The Heiji Rebellion (Heiji no ran?, January 19—February 5, 1160) was a short civil war fought in order to resolve a dispute about political power. The Heiji no ran encompassed clashes between rival subjects of the cloistered Emperor Go-Shirakawa of Japan in 1159. It was preceded by the Hōgen Rebellion in 1156. This struggle is seen as a direct outcome of that earlier armed dispute; but unlike Hōgen no ran, this is not a dispute between members of the same clan. Rather, it became a struggle for power between two rival clans; and it is also seen as a precursor of a broader civil war.

It measures about 35.5 x 21.7 cm.

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