Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Dog - Japanese Shrine Wood Plaque EMA Lucky Charm E4-64

Japanese Shrine Wood Plaque Dog EMA Lucky Charm E4-64

Japanese Shrine Wood Plaque Dog EMA Lucky Charm E4-64

This is an "Ema". "Ema" are small wooden plaques on which Shinto
worshippers write their prayers or wishes. The ema are then left hanging
up at the shrine, where the kami (spirits or gods) receive them. They
bear various pictures, often of animals or other Shinto imagery, and
many have the word gan'i (願意), meaning "wish", written along the side.
In ancient times people would donate horses to the shrines for good
favor, over time this was transferred to a wooden plaque with a picture
of a horse, and later still to the various wooden plaques sold today for
the same purpose.

Ema are sold for various wishes. Common
reasons for buying a plaque are for success in work or on exams, marital
bliss, to have children, and health. Some shrines specialize in certain
types of these plaques, and the larger shrines may offer more than one.
Sales of ema help support the shrine financially.

********This Ema is from Narumi Jinja Shrine in Nagoya. Dod is playing a money hammer. They are lucky charms in year of dog.

開運招福 = good luck and happiness

昭和壬戌歳 = year of dog in showa period

成海神社= Narumi Jinja Shrine

It measures about 8.2 x 6.1 x 0.5 cm.

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