Monday, February 14, 2011

Kawaii Cute Japanese Bento Box Clapping March 2layer Slim YELLOW

This is a cute bento box! It is two-tiered. The bottom tier holds 215 ml or 7.27 oz and the top tier holds 310 ml or 10.48 oz.. It comes with a rabbit and pink color elastic strap to keep it all together.

There are cute rabbit, bear, squirrel and cat are on picnic. So kawaii!!

The size - 16cm x 8.4cm x 8.5cm or 6.3inch x 3.31inch x 3.35inch.

If you take 2 lids inside and outside out of it, you can use it in microwave. You can't use it in oven, grill and also can't wash in dishwasher.

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