Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Vintage Japanese Kashigata Stencil Kabuto Samurai Helmet Taishou Period


This was an amazing find. This is from the Taishou Period which was from 1912-1926. This is called "型紙" or "katagami". This is a stencil that was used to make "kashigata" (for more information on "kashigata please see below). Apparently, these (we have around 100 to list) were found in an old Japanese sweets store in Kyoto.

This one has the image of Kabuto - Samurai Helmet - image is very traditional Japanese images.

This one is made from paper-but not flimsy normal paper....this is wonderful thick Japanese paper and it is in fabulous condition even though it is at least 83 years old.

This stencil could be used but it would also be fabulous framed and hung on a wall.

This image measures 4.5cm x 3.7cm (17.3cm x 14.4cm in total)


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