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Japanese Clay Mousse Paper Clay Sweets Making Kit - Make Your Clay Cupcake Cookie And etc

Japanese Clay Mousse Paper Clay Sweets Making Kit - Make Your Clay Cupcake Cookie And etc

Japanese Clay Mousse Paper Clay Sweets Making Kit - Make Your Clay Cupcake Cookie And etc
Description This is a really cute clay sweets making kit. A clay is light weight and called "fuwa fuwa mousse". "Fuwa fuwa" means soft like a cloud.

This kit comes with various machines/molds and cutters including:

1 - 4 soft molders to form various shapes (cupcake, cookie, strawberry, beans and leaf) in order to make decorations on sweets.

2 - 4 different colored pieces of clay (yellow, pink, blue and white)

3 - a push through device that allows you to make additional shapes and designs

4 - 1 roller cutter

How to make...

*****To make 8 different kinds of ropes

*Please follow the pictures on the instruction included in the kit.

1-Choose your rope design and place to the rope design plate with smooth side against the macine.

2-Lift up the handle and put the clay in (please look up to the picture for the place to put the clay).

3-Put down handle slowly and push it.

*********To use the mold tray (the tray is yellow and blue and attached to the bottom of the rope making machine..just pull off).

1) put a bit of vegetable oil using a cloth on the inside of the mold tray.

2-Fill the molds with the clay. Press the clay firmly. Then, please remove any excess clay with a knife.

3-Pop out of the tray using both hands by pushing little by little (please look at the pictures on the instuction page which is included). If you push to much you will change the shape. After please put somewhere safe to dry.

****************Using 3d molds

1) Please oil the molds using vegetable oil on a cloth.

2) Put a ball of clay in the deep side of the mold-it shouldn`t be flat but rounded.

3)Close the mold.

4) Put the 3d mold in between the handles of the rope maker (please look at the picture in the instructions) and push down. I`m not sure you actually need to do might be able to just close the 3d mold and push yourself but the instructions say to put the mold between the handles of the machine.

5)Open the mold and remove and remove any clay around the joint. If it is difficult to remove, you can you a toothpick to gently remove it.

When decorating your sweets like cupcake and cookie (ex gluing the rope or shapes to the base) you need to use glue meant for wood (according to the instructions). Glue is NOT included in the kit.

It will take 1-1.5 days to dry.

You will need to glue the pieces together. The glue for wood is NOT included in this kit.

If the clay is hard when you want to use it please use water to make the clay soft.

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