Friday, June 26, 2009

Vintage Japanese Bowls And Wood Case Set With Chopsticks-Rabbits by vintagefromjapan on Etsy


This is a very cool set! It is called a "三段重" or "sandan-kasane" which means "3 layers piled". These kind of sets are very popular in Japan as Japanese like to eat many different dishes at one meal. This set has everything....3 square dishes, chopsticks and a storage/carry case. I love how the chopsticks keep the dishes from falling out!!

The wooden case's carved surface is a traditional Japanese technique from the "Kamakura" period (1192-1333). It is stunning!

In Japan there is a belief that the harvest moon has an image of a rabbit pounding "mochi" (hot cooked sticky rice is pounded into cakes).

The wooden case measures 16.5 cm wide x 21 cm tall. Each bowl is about 13.5 cm wide.

It is in excellent condition and ready to use. Please wash the bowls by hand and do not use in the microwave.

Please note that this is very heavy and since it weighs over 2kg (actually once packed, it weighs over 3 kgs) EMS is the cheaper shipping method. The good thing is that EMS comes with tracking and insurance.

If you are interested in this product but don't see your country listed in the shipping profiles, please contact me.

European countries-$70 Asian Countries-$45 Central America/Middle East/Oceania-$60 Africa/South America-$115

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