Sunday, June 28, 2009

Shake Shake Felt Ball Maker For Making Felt Ball By Felt Wool - Futte Futte By Hamanaka by FromJapanWithLove on Etsy


This is unique felt ball maker called "futte futte". It means "Shake it! Shake it!". It is easy. Just shake it!!

How to...

1 - Cut a small pieces of felt (2 cm wide) from felt wool (*this felt wool is not included but available in this store).

2 - break up the pieces (fluff them) and put it into the felt ball maker.

3)- fill a bowl with hot water. Use the small spoon included to add dish soap to the hot water.

3 - shake the felt ball maker in the soapy water until the shape is like a ball..

4 - Take the felt maker out of the water and shake it to get rid of extra water.

5 - The wool becomes a felt ball!

The instructions are a little lacking so please check out the youtube video. Youtube Movie - How to make felt ball by this felt ball maker


1 - the felt ball marker

2 - measuring spoon

3 - instruction (it is written in Japanese but you can learn by the pictures on the back of package and from )

*You need felt wool which is available in this store.

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