Thursday, January 15, 2009

Discount Code-Kawaii Japanese Anime Memo pad-150 Sheets-Cute Bubble-Puku Puku Awawa Chan

This is soooo cute!! These are "puku puku awawa chan" which basically means they are cute little bubbles. The cover is 3D.There are 6 different designs and 150 sheets in total.

The discount for this memo pad is PPAC-40%. That means you will get 40% off the price of the memo pad (not the shipping). The shipping price still applies. Please put the code PPAC-40% in the "message to seller" section and I will refund you the 40% via paypal.


  1. but still, Japanese people have a cool thought of this idea.... Wait.. what am I talking about? Anyways, thx for showing me this. Cause i am doing a memo for jap..

  2. Wow.. There are even rings
    Anyways, did you guys did them handmade or machine???

    Just asking
    I know weird question
    Anyways thanks again

  3. WAHHH!! Sugoi!! temo... Nanideska?? Ikura? Ikura? Ikura des mm ga?



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