Sunday, January 11, 2009

Why I started this blog.

I decided to start another blog.....this one is purely for talking about products. On my other blog, I talk about living in Japan and it just doesn't feel right to start blogging about products so I thought I should start this one.

Besides showcasing our products, we will putting up pictures of cute products that people can request. Sometimes, I see a product but I'm really not sure if it would sell so I usually don't buy it. But I figure if someone does like it after seeing the picture here, they can ask to have it ordered.

We also will sometimes be giving codes for discounts on our products. You would just put the code in the "message to seller" section and I will refund you whatever percentage or amount that I listed on the blog.



  1. How did I miss you starting this one!?!? This is awesome!

    Ther's a new store at the mall here caled Niko Nikko that sells nothing but imported Japanese items and everytime I go in there, I think of your stuff and how I wish they carried some of the things you have.

  2. Thanks for the kinds words!! I have a lot of fun shopping for my shops!!



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