Sunday, January 25, 2009

Great Cutters For Bentos!!

I LOVE these!!! Ok....first we have the ABC cutters. You can leave a message or your child's name on their rice or other bento foods! This is best used on deli meats, cheese or soft cooked veggies. They recommend that the food be less than 3mm so sliced cheese, deli ham etc would be perfect. If you want to use veggies (little carrots stars), boil the veggies first.This kit comes with 2 little "pokers". So, if the meat/cheese gets stuck, just poke it out.Each letter is about 1.5 cm long. There is also a star and a little bird.

Next we have these fabulous sandwich cutters! This is so cute!!! Your kids (or you!) will love to eat sandwiches in these cute shapes. It is one "cutter". You make the sandwich. Position the cutter on the sandwich and push down. You will get a pig, cat, dove and duck! Perfect for bentos or parties!

We also have this set...a whale, elephant, dog and a car!

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