Monday, January 26, 2009

More New Bentos!!

I think I did mention that we have a ton of new bentos? Well here are a few more!

These little rabbits are so cute!!! How could you not love this...."my favorite dish is a carrot." Kawaii!!

And here is the "animal circus". This is so pink and bright and with many cute animals!!

This next one with it's little smiling bears is so cute!! It says "Shiawase ha sugu soba ni arukara sagaseba kitto mitsukaruyo" which means " you will find happiness near you if you look for it."

And this smiling pig is very cute! He is watering smiling flowers!

We also just added some chopsticks and case sets. They are both pretty cute!

Just click on any picture to take you to the product for more information!

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