Sunday, January 25, 2009

Kawaii Cute Japanese Paper Clay And Book Kit-Environmentally Friendly Clay-Animal Set

This clay kit is fabulous. It comes with "eco" ("green" clay) paper clay. It says "tree free" and that means they use pulp from sugarcane after they process it for sugar instead of wood for this paper clay. It is PVC free so it doesn't let off any toxic fumes.The company says this clay is good for making thin items like flower petals, ropes, dolls and accessories. There are 5 colors of clay included in this kit: white, red, blue, yellow and black. In the book they explain using both Japanese and lots of pictures how to combine the colored clay to get different colors such as dark brown, green etc. The book comes with detailed pictures on how to make all the animals seen on the front cover. Of course, you don't have to follow the can make whatever you like.All items take between 24-48 hours to dry (air dry).

You can click on any of the pictures or here to be taken to the listing on my etsy store.

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  1. Hi,

    How can I purchase this clay with the instructions book. I went to your Etsy site but it's not listed.




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