Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I LOVE these postcards!

Seriously, I love this postcard. An onsen all steamy and inviting-looking so peaceful and yet, so cute!!

This candy postcard is cute!! Candy from Kyoto! It says "anato tono omoide ha isyoumonono takara dayo" This means "The moments with you are the treasures of my life". Sooooo yummy!

This little pat of butter on the toast is smiling! It says "fuwa fuwa no kokorowa mawarino kokoromo yawaraka ni shimasu" this is an expression about softening one's heart so in this case, the butter (happiness) makes the hard toast(our heart) soft.

These little cats are part of the dinner that you get when you go to an onsen (hotspring). They are so cute!!

This is tofu! This is soooo cute! A little piece of tofu with a bite out of it! Down the side it says "hannari tofu". The word グイ is "gui" which is the sound of pushing something squishy...so chopsticks against the shrimp can make this sound. How cute is that?!!!

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